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Ever wondered what your neighbour was doing to his garden, or how the other half lived? Well with our interactive property maps you can scour your neighbourhood from above.

Simply enter a postcode or location into the box below and we'll display it to you on a map, which you can see in 'aerial view' by the click of a button - allowing you to see exactly what your neighbour is up to!

Interactive Property Map

Enter a location anywhere: city, area, postcode and have fun playing with the map for hours.

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Map of SW1A 1AA - Buckingham Palace, LondonThis a particularly useful tool when buying property, as you can see the surroundings of an area without having to trek across the area - you can instantly see railway lines, schools, shops, parks and more.

Many of the major cities also have 3D views, where you can view the area from ground level. It's hours of fun - even if its to peek at what other people are up to! Enjoy!

Try out the postcode SW1A 1AA for our favourite location - Buckingham Palace, London!

Note: Road view displays the map as it would be in a typical A to Z or AA map.

Aerial view displays what the location actually looks like, like the map to the right.